California Rolls with Eel Sauce

Homemade Sushi California Maki Roll with Eel Sauce Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen

Who has 2 thumbs and needs to work on her sushi rolling? 🤣 Had to squish them together quite a bit. I had to use up the lettuce wrap filling, sticky rice and puff pastry, so it was another leftover night. Little AF Asian Puff Pastries with sushi topped with homemade Eel Sauce and Chinese Mustard seemed fitting.

From right to left: California Maki rolls with Sesame Seeds, Panko and Flying-Fish Roe.

California Roll with Eel Sauce

• 3 C cooked sticky rice at room temp
• 3 sheets of nori
• 4-5 Krab sticks (imitation crab)
• 1/2 C carrots; shredded
• 1/2 C cucumber; shredded
• 1 small avocado; sliced

1. Line sushi mat with plastic wrap; wrapping 3 times and folding the excess over. Set an addition 1’ piece of plastic wrap to the side. Fill a small dish with warm water.
2. Wet hands before touching the rice to keep it from sticking. Spread about 1/2 C of rice onto the sushi mat, spreading it a little larger than the size of the Nori sheet.
3. Add Nori and top with a thinner layer of rice. Layer 1 1/2 Krab sticks and 1/3 of the cucumber, carrots and avocado.
4. Roll sushi tightly and wrap with set aside plastic wrap.
5. Run a sharp knife under water and slice the roll into 8 even pieces. Remove plastic wrap from each segment and serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

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