Sushi Shop Miso Soup

I finally felt well enough to eat again and my amazing mom dropped off all the ingredients to make Miso Soup! Gallons of Miso Soup. I made a simple Spicy Chicken Fried Rice to go with it. Sushi Shop Miso Soup Servings: 3 Cooking Time: 50 Minutes 1/2 cup Bonito Flakes 6 cups Water 1/2Continue reading “Sushi Shop Miso Soup”

California Rolls with Eel Sauce

I was so shocked the first time I made sushi when I found out just how east it is. Now I make Maki rolls quite regularly and they’re just as delicious as what you can get from you local sushi shop! From right to left: California Maki rolls with Sesame Seeds, Panko and Flying-Fish Roe.Continue reading “California Rolls with Eel Sauce”