Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken

Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen

I found some rice! It definitely wasn’t what I expected. I’d never even heard of Bamboo Rice before. Upon more research I found out that it’s medium or small grain white rice that’s been infused with young bamboo which can give it the green color and adds several vitamins. You learn something new everyday! It sure looks funky, but went so well with the Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken and steamed vegetables.


2 pounds Boneless Skinless

Chicken Thighs; cubed

2 cups Buttermilk

¼ cup Cornstarch

2 large Eggs; whisked

¾ cup Flour

Pinch of Salt, Pepper and Ginger Powder

Orange Sauce:

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

2 large Oranges; juiced (about 2 cups) & zested

¼ cup Honey

1 teaspoon Sesame Oil

1 Tablespoon Ginger; grated

½ teaspoon Lemongrass; minced

2 large Garlic Cloves; minced

½ teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

1 Tablespoon Rice Wine Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Orange Juice

1 Tablespoon Cornstarch

  1. In a large, airtight container add the chicken and buttermilk. Cover and allow to chill overnight.
  2. The next day, place the cornstarch in a large zipper bag with a pinch of salt and the eggs and flour in shallow dishes. Remove the chicken from the buttermilk and place in the zipper bag, tossing until all of the pieces are completely coated.
  3. Heat a saucepan over medium-high heat and add all of the sauce ingredients, minus the 2 tablespoons juice and cornstarch. Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer.
  4. In a large skillet or Dutch over medium-high heat, add oil and allow to get hot (you can dip a wooden spoon into the oil and if it bubbles, you’re good to go!). While it’s heating up, remove the chicken from the bag and coat with the beaten egg then the flour. You can leave the chicken in the flour until it gets tacky to help the coating stick.
  5. Fry the chicken pieces in batches until the internal temperature reaches 165°F then place on paper towel lined plate to drain excess oil.
  6. Once the last batch is frying, increase the sauce to medium-high heat and, in a small dish, whisk cornstarch and reserved juice together. Add the slurry to the saucepan and whisk until thickened.
  7. Place the chicken in a large bowl and pour the sauce over top. Toss to coat and serve with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and chopped green onions.
  8. Enjoy!

  • Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen
  • Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen
  • Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen

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