Alice Springs Chicken Wraps

Leftovers make such amazing wraps! Alice Springs Chicken Wraps all wrapped up and ready to hit the road for some deliveries! 💕 Kitchenatic’s Parchment Paper to the rescue! They taste amazing cold or heated up in the microwave or on a griddle!

Alice Springs Lettuce Wraps

• leftover Alice Springs Chicken (3 large breasts; sliced)
• 4 large Lettuce Leaves
• 1 large Tomato; cored and sliced
• 1 cup Red Onion; thinly sliced
• 4 slices of Sharp Cheddar; sliced in half
• 1/4 cup Honey Dijon Dressing
• 4 Tortillas

  1. Spread honey mustard over the bottom of each tortilla and top with lettuce.
  2. Divide tomato, onion, chicken and cheddar evenly over all of the tortillas. You can add a little more dressing at this point if you’d like.
  3. Wrap the tortilla tightly and secure with parchment paper, plastic wrap or foil.
  4. Enjoy!

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