InstaPot Ricotta

InstaPot Ricotta Cheese Recipe by Ash's In The Kitchen

Homemade Ricotta Cheese in my InstaPot! Homemade ricotta is so much easier than I thought it would be. And it cheaper, more flavorful and so much fun to make! You can also add in herbs, spices and seasonings to amp up the flavor! Pesto is a favorite of mine, for sure!

InstaPot Ricotta

1/2 Gallon Whole Milk
1 C Heavy Cream
1/3 C. Apple Cider Vinegar
Pinch of Salt

1. Add milk and cream to InstaPot and press the Yogurt Maker Feature.
2. Heat to 180 degrees making sure not to boil or scorch. Turn off heat and add in vinegar and salt.
3. Cover and allow to rest for 20 minutes to curdle. Scoop into cheescloth lined strainer over stock pot to save whey.
4. Bring ends of cheesecloth together and secure with kitchen twine. Hang cheese over pot for 10-60 minutes to drain. The longer it drains, the firmer it is. Firmer cheeses are great for stuffed pasta dishes and on top of pizza. Softer cheese is perfect for spreading over toasted breads.

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